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Helping You Provide For Underage Loved Ones

Your underage loved ones need your support to provide for themselves today and help prepare for their future. You have saved for their education and worked hard to ensure that they have the love and guidance they need for a bright future. Your estate plan can be one of the most important ways to protect that future no matter what tomorrow brings.

At The Law Office of Jamay Lee, A Professional Corporation, our team has provided a variety of clients in San Mateo and the surrounding area with first-class legal guidance about protecting their underage loved ones and providing for their needs. Even if you cannot be there for your child, you can ensure that they have the loving care and financial support they need.

How Can Your Estate Plan Protect Your Child?

It is important that your estate plan addresses issues regarding the upbringing of your children. You should also discuss with your attorney the possibility of both you and your spouse dying simultaneously or within a short duration of time. A contingency plan should include a list of persons you’d like to manage your assets and name a guardian you’d like to nominate to raise your children in your absence.

The person, or trustee, in charge of the finances, need not be the same person as the guardian. In fact, in many situations, you may want to purposely designate different persons to maintain a system of checks and balances.

Contact Us Today To Provide For Your Child Tomorrow

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