Guiding Your Family Through Tough Legal Decisions

The Law Office of Jamay Lee, A Professional Corporation stands by our clients in estate planning, probate and trust matters. We continuously aim to provide first-class legal services.

Delivering Trusted Representation To Bay Area And San Mateo County Clients

Our Clients Come First

Jamay Lee, founder of The Law Office of Jamay Lee, APC, understands that just as most individuals will put the needs of their family first, she must put the needs of her clients ahead of those of her practice to thrive in the long run. First licensed in California to practice law in 2005, she has spent the past decade and a half resolving estate planning, probate and trust-related matters. Whether your legal issue is simple or complex, and no matter whether it needs to be resolved in a courtroom or not, our firm stands ready to help your family achieve the goals that matter most to them.

Attorney Lee is an active participant in Bay Area and state organizations related to her practice areas. She is up to date with estate and probate law, and prepares all cases for potential litigation, so all potential trouble areas can be confronted and addressed.

Providing You With Prevention And Protection

Although she is a skilled litigator in probate and estate/trust matters, Attorney Lee believes the greatest power of estate planning lies in its ability to foresee potential conflicts or vulnerabilities and create plans to address them ahead of time. She can help your family review your assets and possessions and create documents that outline how you wish to deal with physical incapacity, take care of minor children if a parent dies before they reach adulthood, pay any death taxes and make charitable bequests.

Her expertise in estate, trust and probate law can protect you if there is a challenge to a will or trust, or if you need to set up a conservatorship or administer a trust or estate. She will listen carefully to all your concerns and questions, and ensure you have enough information – and an understanding of that information – to make informed decisions.

Safeguard Your Family’s Future And Your Legacy

Meet Jamay Lee

Jamay Lee has more than 15 years of legal experience, much of it representing clients in estate and probate matters.